THE BOARDS displayed here carry comments and opinions that are privately expressed and might be dangerous to post on something like Facebook or Twitter. Not because the content is necessarily illegal, untrue or just hurtful, but because being 'off-message' can now lead to exclusion and loss of job. For this reason, the dumps that are deemed relevant to the RANDOM SKIES series, and are ported into these threads, are anonymised and given covert US3R IDs.

THE 1900 CLUB is a board where professionals, government employees and members of institutions (health, education, civic, police, military etc.) are invited to offer insights into their work that would otherwise not be made available to the public.

LARP RISING is the creatives choice and carries with it the badge of irreverance as well as the, I dunno, decal of righteousness. Artists, media slaves and independents with good contacts all come here.

DOUBLE DAGGER is the oldest board and has been through several incarnations due to changing publishers and outlets. Journalists, national media and writers of the government's purple prose have been asked to contribute their darkest truths.


We've been attracting some unwanted attention and, since September 2020, some of the posts have been knocked offline. To get round this, we've gone down the hard code route and taken a lump hammer to the XFER software. Posts relevant to RANDOM SKIES are now being grabbed as raw PDFs and injected straight into the page as an entry with a link. We'll look at an archive system later, depending on whether the 'Eyes On The Skies' are going to have another go and we have to waste time playing dodgeball.

Two months later: it looks like we were right. You could see them glowing. Very, very sad that Britain has come to this. Even sadder, after 21 years, RANDOM SKIES is still on track to happen, just the way the books suggested. But while there's life, there's hope.