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2020 - Gilveden Manor, Surrey, England.
Dovi Abarlev sat at the head of the long table and addressed a smartly attired meeting of investors. They were, as always, exclusively male, and in late middle-age. They could have been a meeting of the Mafia. The disparate heads of crime families who met at the top of a mountain of corruption and degradation.
But they were bankers. All well used to the luxurious lifestyle that many years, and in some cases generations, of financial business practice had bestowed.

Today's shareholder meeting was the project's final report. Whatever private words had been spoken between the Project Chairman and the investors, this was his public announcement.
“So, before we adjourn to our stations around the world, it only leaves me to thank you for your cooperation and your efforts to realise this new world that is coming into view.
“It is a work of ages, of philosophers and alchemists, of intellectuals, and now the shepherds of commerce. Around us, we have the evidence that we have done our work, diligently and well. All is ready.
“The western world has reached economic parity. The Euro and the Dollar operate on a life support mechanism and, with any further shock to the system, the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve will have no option but to finance the crisis.
“I leave Great Britain out of this, not because of the Brexit distraction, or because the currency is any more robust than the Swiss Franc, but because of their position as the new world order's point men. The London Bullion Market, the private repositories and the Bank of England hold the balance of many countries’ gold reserves. Either officially or unofficially, for international trade or for the business which is at hand. “While Sterling will inflate with the Dollar and the Euro, we shall continue business, under the radar as it were, using the world's only true money supply. Gold. As the project unfolds, it will draw new borders, create new strategic economic regions and solidify the public wealth of world trade around one central leadership.”

Abarlev flashed the palms of his hands toward the meeting, to let them know that it was their dividend to which he referred.
“Everything is now in alignment and today, the media will begin to introduce the western public to its new future. Think of it. After centuries of making plans in secret meetings, and forming alliances behind the backs of elected government. Of manipulating economies, assassinating influential dissenters, replacing monarchies and surreptitiously acquiring controlling interests in business and technology. It is all no longer a secret, but an avowed intent.
“For the people, the announcement will be a gradual awakening, and then a sudden shock. But these pangs of awakening are all manageable by the media.
“All the training and preparation has been predicated on the basis that the citizens of Europe and America are dependent upon their national media for analysis and proposed solutions. They are spoiled and over-privileged. A historic position for any population that is ripe for political change. They are so used to their welfare states artificially prolonging the lives of the elderly, that the young can afford to remain children into middle age. Without responsibility, without the need to build a future, without caring where their endless free resources are coming from.
“We have to restore the reality of that, and in doing so, make the way clear for a new and superior race. The genesis of that race has already begun, and this county in England will become the worldwide hub for its introduction. “Under our current timetable, we estimate that in fifteen months, a transformation of the world will be underway, that will be irreversible. The western population of inactive economic units will have dropped sharply, while replacement numbers will disguise the figures and allow the roll-out of a long-term solution that has been trialled and tested in the third world for many years.
“At that point, we shall have exceeded our primary planning manoeuvres and be at the point where we can re-evaluate, and consider the consequences. “Whatever the population figures may be, we will have achieved one goal immediately. It will have become obvious, even to the most casual observer, that the nations of the world are now acting under the instructions of international unelected bodies. “Rather than deny or refute this, the media will be allowed to announce that emerging catastrophes will now be handled under the umbrella of global authorities, and that members of these institutions are already working inside national governments.
“If the emergency situation in the West is already critical enough, there will be no dissent from the public. They will be too busy begging for salvation.”
Abarlev looked down the table at the line of attentive faces.
“And we, gentlemen, will deliver that salvation.”


Random Skies: The Notebooks of Philip Street is the second prequel to a series of speculative fiction set in a parallel world where the surely unthinkable has already started to happen.